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Tips to Ease the Fears and Tears on the First Day of Preschool March 28, 2016

Tips to Ease the Fears and Tears on the First Day of Preschool , O'Fallon, Missouri

On the first day of preschool, children’s anxiety may be masked by the excitement of a new backpack or finding out they’ll be in the same class as a good friend. However, separation anxiety frequently occurs for both parents and kids, as they are altering the home routine they've always known. DLC Academy is a preschool and child day care center in Wentzville, MO, and they know how difficult those drop-off goodbyes can be. 

Here's how to make the situation easier for all parties and overcome the fears and tears often associated with the first day of preschool:

  • Prep Before School Starts: Before they start a preschool or a child day care program, it could be beneficial to introduce your child to activities they might encounter in a school setting. Start a daily storytelling or drawing session and introduce a sense of structure into their daily routine. Also, visit the classroom with them before school starts so that the environment is more familiar.
  • Go Against Your Instincts: If your child suffers from separation anxiety, they may cry at the time of your departure. When this happens, many parents will feel inclined to immediately comfort their children and some may even pull them out of class. But leaving your child at school will help them learn how to manage their fears and emotions.
  • Get To Know The Teacher: Preschool teachers are generally warm and understanding. Introducing your child to them beforehand will give them a chance to familiarize themselves with a new person and will also give you the chance to inform the teacher about your child’s likes and dislikes.
  • Give Them A Reminder Of Home: Another way to make preschool easier for new students is to allow them to take a memento from home with them. This can be a stuffed animal or a race car—some kids even like having a family picture. This item can provide a sense of security to your child while they adjust to an unfamiliar environment and setting.

Preschool is a big milestone for young children, and leaving them can be difficult for both of you. It’s important to remind yourself that a preschool center is the best place for your child, both academically and socially. For more information about the services at DLC Academy in Wentzville, visit their website or give them a call at (636) 887-0987.