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Two Are Better Than One March 18, 2016

Forest Glen, Montgomery
Two Are Better Than One, Forest Glen, Maryland

"I want to hear better but I don't want to pay for two hearing aids."

This is something I hear a lot and so I have my argument prepared. Imagine walking around with one eye covered. Sure, you'd probably get along but you would feel off-balanced, your range of vision would be limited, and your brain would need to work harder.

The ears were built as a pair. While there are exceptions (e.g. unilateral hearing loss), two ears are more effective working together than one ear working alone. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Stereo versus mono and a wider range of hearing
  • Stronger ability to weed out background noise
  • Less strain on your system
  • Increased ability to determine from where sounds are coming (sound localization)
  • Better understanding of speech in the presence of noise (restaurants, meetings, small groups, etc.)
  • More natural, less distorted sound quality
  • Prevents the possibility of the residual hearing in your unaided ear from degenerating
  • Better tolerance to loud sounds and/or tinnitus

I often advise patients that two hearing aids are better than one.  I'd rather a patient dropped down a technology level so s/he could afford two rather than buy one at a higher cost.

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