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Why a Great Headshot Is so Essential March 25, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
Why a Great Headshot Is so Essential, Queens, New York

Some actors subscribe to the idea that a headshot isn’t important, as performance ability is the main thing directors look for. Yet, this is faulty reasoning; the power of an outstanding headshot should not be underestimated. The creative team at Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography in Long Island City, NY stands out in a world laden with horrific headshots and provides the actor photography services performers need.

Check out why a great headshot is a substantial part of the casting process before scheduling a session with the acclaimed Queens photographer:

  • Makes You Memorable: A quality headshot that looks like you and showcases your personality or anything else making you unique helps you remain memorable in the eyes of casting directors. Those involved with casting a movie, play, or show see dozens of people per day, so the higher-quality your headshot, the more likely it is they’ll remember you. 

  • Makes a First Impression: Most of the time your headshot reaches the casting director long before you do, and subsequently provides a first impression. A great headshot makes it obvious what type of actor you are, and it sells your image so directors want to cast you instead of discarding your materials. A poorly-lit, unprofessional headshot that barely resembles you won’t help directors match your face with your name.
  • Shows Off Your Face: Your Long Island City photographer stresses the importance of a clutter-free headshot that doesn’t feature distracting elements such as a poor clothing choice or a busy background. Your headshot should focus on you, not your surroundings, and feature the subtle expression that emphasizes your versatility.

Don’t let a bad headshot ruin your audition! Discuss your headshot needs with the actor photography experts at Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography and enjoy working with the professional, experienced team who provides performers with the stunning images they desire. Help yourself stay in the minds of directors by booking a session today. For more on actor photography services, please contact Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography by calling (917) 692-5737 or visiting the website.