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The Science Behind Why Indian Food is So Delicious March 28, 2016

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The Science Behind Why Indian Food is So Delicious , Manhattan, New York

Have you ever wondered why you’re so drawn to certain types of delivery food? You know, that particular mouthwatering dish you think about all day before you give in and finally order it. Well, if your favorite dish happens to be Indian food—like the fare you find at Indigo Indian Bistro in New York City—science now has the answer for why you crave those curry-infused dishes.

Indigo Indian Bistro is widely considered the best Indian cuisine in New York City, but what makes its mango lassi, tikka masala, and samosa dishes so irresistible? The answer, according to The Washington Post, is contrast of flavors. In Western culture, people are typically drawn to dishes that incorporate ingredients with similar flavor profiles. However, Indian food is the opposite.

indian food

Researchers at the Indian Institute for Technology in Jodhpur found that after combing through thousands of popular Indian dishes, Indian cuisine tended to incorporate ingredients where flavors didn’t overlap at all. This unexpected mixture of flavor profiles associated with Indian cuisine is like a wakeup call to the American palate.

The chefs at Indigo Indian Bistro utilize these various unique Eastern spice combinations in their most popular dishes. For instance, dishes like their chicken tikka masala featuring grilled chicken in tomato fenugreek sauce and their vegetable samosa with potatoes and peas wrapped in light pastry are both familiar and foreign, which, according to science, is the perfect recipe for addicting Indian cuisine.

Whether you are looking for awe-inspiring appetizers, mouth-watering entrees, healthy vegetarian options or sweet desserts, the Indian food specialists at Indigo Indian Bistro have the delivery food that’ll keep you longing for more.

To get your Indian food fix today, call Indigo Indian Bistro at (212) 421-1919 or visit them online

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