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iCode in Frisco, TX is a next generation education incubator, teaching coding and robotics to children in grades 1 through 12. With lab space to brainstorm and develop ideas and access to industry leaders to take projects to the next step, it's a great place to expand skills.

Discover the Benefits of Coding for Kids at iCodeHack 2016, Sponsored By Frisco’s Premier Computer Campus April 7, 2016

iCode Frisco Campus
April 16, 2016 8:00AM - April 16, 2016 6:00PM
Discover the Benefits of Coding for Kids at iCodeHack 2016, Sponsored By Frisco’s Premier Computer Campus, Plano, Texas

Are your children interested in learning more about computer science and technology? Nurture their burgeoning computing and engineering abilities at iCodeHack 2016! Located in Frisco, TX, iCode offers a variety of computer classes intended to inspire young minds, promote innovation, and encourage collaboration. From computer programming and coding for kids to app development and robotics, your children will develop an understanding of important technological concepts and learn useful skills, which will lead them to future success.

coding for kids

iCode is proud to host iCodeHack 2016, the very first hackathon formulated for children from third grade age groups all the way up to high school levels. If you live in the Dallas, TX, area, mark your calendars for April 16, and take your children down to the AT&T Headquarters for this incredible computing and engineering event. iCodeHack provides an array of specific and age-appropriate challenges that will encourage your children to work together with other kids while strengthening their creative problem-solving skills. This fun but competitive event will feature instruction and evaluation by some of the leading industry experts and professionals, and your children will even have the chance to win awards for their hard work. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness firsthand how coding for kids can help your children grow into intellectual, creative, and socially adept young adults.

When you want to foster the budding computer and engineering talents of your children, enroll them in one of iCode’s wide variety of cutting edge, unique, and intellectually stimulating computer classes or events. Call (469) 608-7023 today to speak with a friendly staff member about registering your child for the iCodeHack 2016 event, and don’t forget to visit the website to find out more information about coding for kids, as well as their many valuable computer programming courses. 

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