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Richmond Hill’s Auto Shop Explains the Benefits of Buying Used Cars March 25, 2016

Richmond Hill, Bryan
Richmond Hill’s Auto Shop Explains the Benefits of Buying Used Cars, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Maybe your old car finally kicked the bucket or you just feel it's time for something different. No matter the reason, you now have a huge choice on your hands. Should you buy a new or used car? Both have their benefits, but Wheels Autoworks of Richmond Hill, GA has some pretty good reasons why you should consider a pre-owned vehicle over a brand new one:

  • Expense: Used cars are usually going to be less expensive. A major benefit of this is that you can then purchase a much nicer model with more features. 

  • Depreciation: For many cars, 40% of the depreciation occurs within the first year. You won't have to worry about your used car losing all of its value the second you drive it off the lot.
  • Insurance: Insurance rates will typically be cheaper for used cars. Insurance rates are affected by the age of the car; chances are any used car you purchase is going to be less of an insurance sticker shock than a new model from the showroom floor.
  • Selection: If you are looking for a certain wheel base, trunk space, or engine size, your chances of making that specific selection are much greater in the large pool of used cars than in the limited selection of new vehicles this year.

Wheels Autoworks has gained an impressive reputation with their customers for their flawless service and commitment to their customers. Whether you're in need of a mechanic or are in the market for a used car, give them a call at (912) 756-4006. You can also look at the services they offer and view their selection online