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Easy Home Heating Oil Delivery With Andersen Oil Company March 18, 2016

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Easy Home Heating Oil Delivery With Andersen Oil Company, Ledyard, Connecticut

When you use oil to heat your home, affordability and dependability are of top priority; you want a guarantee that your home will always remain comfortable at a cost that won't break the bank. When you select Andersen Oil Company for your home heating needs, you can expect consistent and courteous service as well as prices to fit your budget. Their home heating oil delivery services cater to clients in the Norwich, Mystic, and Groton areas of Connecticut; experience the difference Andersen Oil Company can make in your home-heating needs. 

Here's what you can expect when you choose Andersen Oil Company’s home heating oil delivery?

  • Reliability: The professionals at Andersen Oil Company do the work of scheduling your oil delivery, using a temperature-driven system that detects when your oil tank is between a half and a quarter full. Once your oil supply reaches this level, a ticket is generated to schedule your next delivery and ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable.

home heating oil delivery

  • Affordability: Andersen Oil Company provides secure payment plans to make their home delivery services affordable for their clients. Their Price Cap® plan allows customers to evenly spread payments over a 10-month span, while protecting the client from any raise in prices. Another option for customers is the Prepaid Fixed Price® plan, which guarantees a fixed price per gallon for the duration of their contract.
  • Quality: Andersen Oil Company ensures that they deliver only quality, efficient heating oil for their residential clients. Their high standards are not just limited to their products—the delivery personnel Andersen Oil Company strive to keep their customers satisfied with prompt, courteous, and friendly service.

Andersen Oil Company makes their home heating oil delivery service convenient and cost-effective. Call them today at (860) 464-7628 and speak to a professional staff member about scheduling a delivery to your home or visit them online to learn more about their delivery programs and maintenance options for your home heating system.

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