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What’s the Difference Between a Swedish, Deep-Tissue, & Shiatsu Massage? A NYC Day Spa Explains March 31, 2016

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
What’s the Difference Between a Swedish, Deep-Tissue, & Shiatsu Massage? A NYC Day Spa Explains, Manhattan, New York

Just like women, men can experience chronic back and neck pain from sitting all day in the office or carrying heavy items—and they also deserve a spa massage to help ease their tension. Paradise Men's Spa in New York City specializes in providing massages and other spa treatments for men, and if you experience any muscle tension or fatigue, their experts urge you to try a Swedish, deep-tissue, or shiatsu massage. 

To help you figure out which type of massage would be most beneficial to you, Paradise Men's Spa has provided short descriptions of each spa treatment: 

  • Swedish Massage: The most well-known type of massage in the Western world, Swedish massage is a general technique that focuses on releasing tension throughout the back and neck. Depending on your preference, a Swedish massage can either be slow with minimal pressure put on the muscles or more bracing with a lot of pressure. Above all, the point of a Swedish massage is to relax the client.
  • SpaDeep-Tissue Massage: For people with more severe pain, a deep-tissue massage breaks down the muscle adhesions or “knots” in your back by having the masseuse use large amounts of pressure to work the movements farther into the muscle layers. While not as relaxing as the Swedish technique, deep-tissue massages can improve the physical health of the client and relieve persistent aches.
  • Shiatsu: The traditional Japanese massaging method, shiatsu uses the principles of ancient Chinese medicine to find pressure points on the client’s body and work them until tension is released. While shiatsu is different in that it only focuses on certain muscles instead of the overall back, it can be good for people who have muscle knots and pain in specific areas.

To book a men’s massage and other spa treatments, call Paradise Men's Spa at (646) 559-1621 today. You can also visit their website for more information about their NYC location and services.

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