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Connecticut's Concrete Experts Discuss the Benefits of Concrete Testing July 6, 2016

Meriden, New Haven County
Connecticut's Concrete Experts Discuss the Benefits of Concrete Testing, Meriden, Connecticut

Concrete is an extremely popular building material — it’s relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and extremely durable. However, not all concrete is the same, which is why The L. Suzio York Hill Companies in Meriden, CT, consider concrete testing extremely important. Since the 1930s, they’ve been providing South Central Connecticut’s construction industry with ready-mix concrete products and other building materials, as well as offering reliable concrete testing services when necessary.


No matter what type of construction project you’re undertaking, sometimes it’s prudent to assess the concrete you’re using in case any problems should arise down the road. Concrete testing experts evaluate the consistency of concrete, paying careful attention to properties such as water and air content. Doing so is a proactive measure in case problems — such as low strength or cracking — arise after the job is complete. The careful assessment of concrete before it dries will allow contractors to prescribe the best form of treatment or repairs that may be needed in the event of concrete degradation.

Concrete testing can be done while the concrete is still in the drying process, or after it has dried, in which case experts will drill the dried concrete for a sample. There are a number of different tests that check the consistency of hardened concrete — some check for water soluble chloride while others measure its thickness. In order to know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s important to consult an expert to be sure of what the tests indicate. Whether you’re working with bituminous or paving concrete, testing will help you predict any problems and determine the quality of the concrete you’re using.

To learn more about concrete testing, call the construction supply experts from The L. Suzio York Hill Companies today at (203) 237-8421. You can also visit them online for an extensive list of their services.

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