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Wheel Alignment Advice From Richmond Hill's Car Repair Experts March 16, 2016

Richmond Hill, Bryan
Wheel Alignment Advice From Richmond Hill's Car Repair Experts, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Most vehicle owners don't realize how important wheel alignment is to your car's overall performance. The car repair experts at Wheels Autoworks in Richmond Hill, GA, are fully committed to making sure every vehicle that comes into their shop rides its smoothest, no matter what the repair. Here, they share expert advice on wheel alignment so you know just how often and how important it is to get this routine maintenance done.

As preventive maintenance, your auto mechanic will tell you that avoiding alignment is a mistake. Prevent your vehicle from pulling to the side, enhance braking, and improve both fuel economy and safety all with routine wheel alignments. While some vehicles require only the front wheels to be aligned, many (especially four-wheel drive models), require all four to be aligned. 


How often should you get a wheel alignment? Many times, this service isn't listed in car maintenance schedules. While you should always get a wheel alignment when you purchase new tires or have them rotated, the car repair experts at Wheels Autoworks recommend every 10,000 miles as a general rule of thumb. If you drive on tough terrain, rough roads, or uneven pavement, they recommend getting wheels checked more frequently, at about every 5,000 to 7,5000 miles.  

There are other times you may need an alignment. If you notice that your car is drifting off to the side and you have to turn the steering wheel to drive properly, chances are that your tires are working unevenly and that your wheels are out of alignment. Hitting a pothole or curb can also cause alignment issues. Getting a wheel alignment in these situations will only save you time and money in the future, while keeping you safe on the road

If you're in need of wheel alignment, the car repair experts at Richmond Hill's Wheels Autoworks will use their advanced Hunter Hawk Eye Elite© alignment machine to get an initial alignment reading before professionally aligning your wheels. To learn more about their wide array of car maintenance and repair services, visit them online or call (912) 756-4006 to schedule an appointment today.

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