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Whether you need help getting started with an entry level hydroponic system, need help getting the most out of your organic garden, or need an extensive irrigation and lighting system for a commercial growing facility or green house, no set up is too big or too small. Grow Your Own, Pueblo, CO has the products and expertise that you need to succeed!

Rejuvenate Your Soil & Your Crops With Bountea Organics Tea Systems March 15, 2016

Downtown Pueblo, Pueblo
Rejuvenate Your Soil & Your Crops With Bountea Organics Tea Systems , Pueblo, Colorado

Are you ready to give your garden an extra dose of TLC? Revitalize your soil and boost the growing power of your plants with Bountea Organics Tea Systems from Grow Your Own in Denver, CO. For nearly 10 years, this locally-owned-and-operated grow store has been providing a variety of valuable products to help Denver residents nurture their crops and reap bountiful harvests. Grow Your Own's friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives will walk you through their vast selection of gardening products until you find what you need to maximize the growth and health of your plants.


When you want your garden to yield a blue ribbon bounty, try Bountea Organics Tea Systems. This exclusive line of compost tea products uses a combination of bioorganic nutrients, minerals, and trace elements that will naturally make your soil more fertile and your plants more robust. Bountea Organics Tea Systems are perfect for any type of new or existing garden and can be used outdoors, indoors, or in greenhouses. 

To brew your compost tea, follow these four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Choose your desired brew size and fill up the brewing container with water. To purify and de-chlorinate the water, plug in the pump for about an hour.
  • Step 2: Place the appropriate quantity of Humisoil in the brewing container. If you want to make four gallons of compost tea, you’ll need to use two quarts of Humisoil.
  • Step 3: Add the right amount of Bioactivator to the brewing container. For a four-gallon brew, you’ll need one cup of Bioactivator.
  • Step 4: Brew your compost tea for 24 hours, and remember to stir it a few times during the process. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect ready-to-use compost tea that will completely change transform your garden.

For the best selection of gardening products in the greater Denver area, rely on the professionals at Grow Your Own to help you transform your garden into a lush and fertile home for your crops. Give them a call at (303) 990-1929 today to speak with a friendly staff member about Bountea Organics Tea Systems, and be sure to visit their website to find more information about the wide array of gardening products this grow store has to offer.

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