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3 Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet From Woodside Animal Hospital March 13, 2016

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3 Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet From Woodside Animal Hospital, Port Orchard, Washington

Every dog and cat deserves a loving home. At Woodside Animal Hospital in Port Orchard, Washington, the veterinarians tend to the health needs of cats and dogs with compassion and affection. One of the many treatments they offer to new pet owners is spaying and neutering services. The veterinary clinic is offering a spay and neuter special for the month of March, which includes a complimentary physical exam and discounts on other services, too.

If you recently adopted a furry friend, here are three great reasons to get your animal spayed or neutered from the dog and cat vets at Woodside Animal Hospital:

  • Improve Your Pet’s Health: Spaying or neutering your cat or dog, will help improve their overall health. Studies have shown that pets who undergo spaying and neutering have a reduced risk of developing cancer and uterine issues. Plus, when a pet is spayed or neutered, their natural tendency to roam for a mate is curbed, so they won’t get into unnecessary trouble or danger.
  • spayCurb Unruly Behavior: Pets who are not neutered tend to be more aggressive and prone to marking their territory. Neutering your pet will reduce his or her tendency to mark, and will curb aggression. Once neutered, your pet may be a warm and welcome addition to your home with a lower risk of biting or having accidents in the house.
  • Ensure That All Pets Have A Loving Home: Unfortunately, there are thousands of stray dogs and cats throughout the country who don't have a home. All animals deserve to have a loving home and a caring owner. Spay or neuter your animal to ensure that no additional animals roam the streets or end up in animal shelters.

If you live in the Port Orchard, Washington, area and you’re looking for a caring pet hospital to spay or neuter your pet, call Woodside Animal Hospital today at (360) 871-3335 to schedule your next appointment. To find out more about this dog and cat vet and its March spay and neuter special, be sure to check out the website

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