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Who Can File Your Taxes? Silver Spring’s Premier Tax Preparation Service Offers Answers March 15, 2016

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Who Can File Your Taxes? Silver Spring’s Premier Tax Preparation Service Offers Answers, Silver Spring, Maryland

When it comes to tax preparation, trying to find assistance when filing is a common concern. Fortunately, many taxpayers have a variety of options at their disposal; for those in Silver Spring, MD, the professional team at ZP TAX is ready and eager to educate on tax protocol and resolve any arising tax preparation issues. 

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Tax education is an important aspect of accurately completing and filing your taxes, whether for yourself or on behalf of a business. ZP TAX provides the information you need to ensure your taxes are filed in a timely manner, thanks to their great team of professionals who remain dedicated to serving a variety of client needs. The first step to deciphering the taxpaying process is determining just who can file a client's taxes for them. A few options for clients include the following:

  • A Professional Tax Specialist: An experienced income tax prep service is a good option for many taxpayers seeking efficient and accurate filing. When seeking a specialist, it’s important to find a business that provides both knowledgeable advice and quality customer service to best assist every client.
  • The IRS: The IRS will offer help to tax payers under certain circumstances; in order to receive IRS assistance, tax payers must have an adjusted gross income totaling $58,000 or less. If this criterion is satisfied, taxpayers can access online tax filing software and can even direct questions to the IRS throughout the process.
  • Free Tax Assistance: Free tax assistance is also available in some cases. For instance, elderly taxpayers can contact the tax preparationAARP for assistance in filing their taxes and lower income individuals can access tax help via local institutions or agencies.

Whether you are in search of dependable tax preparation or require the assistance of a qualified notary public, ZP TAX is committed to serving the needs of clients all over Silver Spring. You can visit them online to access the wide range of services currently available, or call (301) 587-4829 to have your most pressing tax queries answered by a professional today.

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