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4 Benefits of Lawn Aeration From A to Z Property Maintenance March 15, 2016

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4 Benefits of Lawn Aeration From A to Z Property Maintenance, Brookfield, Connecticut

Living in your dream home is exciting, and it’s even more so when you can pull up into your driveway and see a lush, green yard that looks beautiful and inviting. Your yard is the first point of contact for all of your visitors, and this is why A to Z Property Maintenance is Brookfield, Connecticut’s most established name in lawn care and landscape services for residents and businesses alike. They have more than 25 years of experience providing stellar landscape and lawn service to local residents, with everything from lawn mowing to pest control, landscape design, and even aerating lawns.

Aeration boosts your lawn's health by punching small holes in the soil to promote air flow, nutrients, and the flow of water to the grass and soil.

The benefits of aerating your lawn are numerous, including the following:

  • aerationHelps The Lawn Breathe: Aerating your lawn gives it essential nutrients, helps the lawn breathe, and promotes longevity and vitality in the grass and soil.
  • Reduces Wasted Water: You will find that with aerating your lawn, you will have to water it less because the soil is better at retaining it.
  • Reduces The Compaction Of Soil: High traffic can compact the soil in your lawn. This restricts the lawn’s ability to breathe and get the nutrients it needs to thrive. Aerating reduces this and helps a lawn continue to stay green and lush, so you and your visitors can see a beautiful, green yard before entering your home.
  • Overall Better Lawn Health: Aeration improves the overall health of your lawn, reduces brown spots, eliminates the overgrowth of weeds, and helps it stay green and lush for the season. It’s recommended that you aerate your lawn once a year to maintain its health.

A to Z Property Maintenance has a host of lawn care specialists to provide you with quality aeration services as well as lawn mowing, fertilization, and even installing retaining walls, building patios, and other design aspects that beautify your lawn and garden. Contact the best in the business today at (203) 775-9174., and visit their website for information. 

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