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3 Ways Lawn Aeration Can Improve the Health & Appearance of Your Yard March 21, 2016

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3 Ways Lawn Aeration Can Improve the Health & Appearance of Your Yard, Kalispell, Montana

Regular lawn aeration is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn, but according to the landscapers at Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care in Kalispell, MT, the importance of lawn aeration is often overlooked by busy homeowners.

For over 25 years, Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care has been cultivating and maintaining lush lawns, and part of their success can be attributed to the aeration process. In fact, the team at Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care is so passionate about lawn aeration they created this guide to three reasons every homeowner should prioritize regular lawn aeration:

  • tree healthCombats Soil Compacting: Soil compacting happens on all lawns, but it’s an especially big issue in backyards and other high-traffic areas where constant footfall gradually compacts the soil. A certain amount of oxygen in the soil is necessary for healthy root systems to thrive, and when soil compacts, the ratio of oxygen to soil is knocked out of balance and root systems begin to die. When you aerate your lawn, you’re reintroducing oxygen to the soil and preserving your lawn’s health.
  • Reduces Water Runoff & Increases Soil Water Uptake: When yards are packed down and in need of lawn aeration, water often begins to pool. The non-aerated soil is unable to absorb the water, so instead it sits on the top of the lawn. If your property is hilly, the water runoff can actually cause flooding in your home. Aerated lawns can easily soak up rainfall and distribute it evenly to root systems of grass, trees, shrubbery, and even flowers, which prevents unnecessary flooding.
  • Increases Overall Growth & Lushness: When a lawn is aerated, it’s easier for all the plants on your property to get nutrients from soils, fertilizers, and herbicides. According to Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care, many clients who commit to a regular lawn aeration schedule notice an increase in the overall growth and lushness of all the plants on their lawn. In fact, lawn aeration can even promote tree health!

Find out just how great your lawn can look with regular lawn aeration services from Turfmaster Lawn & Tree Care. Call them today at (406) 755-4445, or visit them online to schedule an appointment. 

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