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Connecticut's Premier Asphalt Supply Company Explains the Benefits of Pervious Concrete June 17, 2016

Meriden, New Haven County
Connecticut's Premier Asphalt Supply Company Explains the Benefits of Pervious Concrete, Meriden, Connecticut

What type of concrete should I use for my construction project? Instead of going with the first building material you see, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies in Meriden, CT, recommends using pervious concrete to build stronger, eco-friendly structures that save you money.

Check out these reasons to use pervious concrete, brought to you by the best asphalt supply company in Connecticut, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies:

  • concreteEnvironmentally Sustainable: While most material supplies aren't always "green," The L. Suzio York Hill Companies prides itself on providing South Central Connecticut with high-quality products that don't harm the environment. In fact, their line of pervious concrete reduces the need of installing irrigation systems and even provide structures with a useful stormwater management tool.
  • Lower Costs: Even though material supplies aren't cheap, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies strives to keep prices as low as possible to meet the needs of the Connecticut business community. When you use pervious concrete on your construction project, you'll enjoy lower impact fees and experience an overall decrease in costs, since you won't need to install a retention pond or stormwater management system.
  • Stronger Structures: If you're faced with a construction project that calls for the highest quality building materials on the market, contact The L. Suzio York Hil Companies and ask about the benefits of pervious concrete. They'll explain the advantages, give you an estimate for your company, and even schedule delivery, if needed.

To learn more about pervious concrete, contact the best asphalt supply company in the area, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies. You can reach them by calling (203) 237-8421 or visiting them online for details.

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