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​Math Tutors Explain the Importance of Learning Algebra in High School March 10, 2016

Gaithersburg, Montgomery
​Math Tutors Explain the Importance of Learning Algebra in High School, Gaithersburg, Maryland

If you're the parent of a teenager, you've likely heard them complain about algebra class. "Why do I have to learn this? When will I ever use algebra in real life?" they ask. You might even sympathize with them as you try to recall when you last used algebra. At Everest Tutors & Test Prep, their highly qualified private tutors understand the struggle that many teens have with learning algebra. Serving Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Potomac, they also know the importance of learning algebra and can talk with your teen about its many educational benefits, making math tutoring an even richer experience.

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The next time your teen grumbles over quadratic equations, consider telling them about these three benefits of learning algebra:

  • Algebra Teaches Higher Order Thinking Skills: One key benefit of learning algebra is that it lays the foundation for deeper thought. Learning algebra introduces abstract concepts, critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, and more, all of which are necessary for success in any field.
  • private tutorAlgebra Teaches Perseverance: Whatever your teen's future path holds, learning something that requires hard work will benefit him later in life. Just because algebra is hard doesn't mean that it's not worthwhile. In fact, most important things in life require persistence.
  • Algebra Is Key To Understanding Our Technological World: In today's modern world, technology is everywhere. Even if your teen doesn't want to work in a technological field, they will still interact with technology on a daily basis. Algebra, understanding variables and the relation of one action to another, is crucial to living in an increasingly technology-driven society.

Most colleges require at least one level of algebra for any degree or as a pre-requisite to higher required maths. If your teen learns algebraic concepts now, she will be well prepared for her future. If your teenager needs math tutoring, Everest Tutors & Test Prep offers individualized private algebra, algebra 2, pre-calculus,and calculus tutoring. Whether they need a writing tutor, an AP NSL tutor, or a science tutor, students and parents will find concierge-level service  to help them on their path to success. To learn more, visit Everest online, and call (301) 208-8011 to discuss your child's tutoring needs.

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