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The New Meriden High Schools Are Being Built With the Area's Best Ready-Mix Concrete Products March 25, 2016

Meriden, New Haven County
The New Meriden High Schools Are Being Built With the Area's Best Ready-Mix Concrete Products, Meriden, Connecticut

The L. Suzio York Hill Companies are leaders in the concrete industry, and they also take pride in being leaders in the Meriden, CT, community. They’ve spent the last century building a business that supplies the best ready-mix concrete products in the area and also values the people and families that make their success possible. In order to show their appreciation, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies continuously take on community-based projects, and their most recent endeavor involves the renovation of the new Meriden High Schools.

The new and improved Platt High School and Maloney High School are being designed to support students through sustained learning, and they will bring much-needed reform to the way the schools are run. The schools will be equipped with the newest technology to give students every opportunity to learn, grow, and meet their goals. The L. Suzio York Hill Companies are proud to aid in the renovation by supplying all of the concrete, crushed stone, and ready-mix concrete products.


The L. Suzio York Hill Companies believe that residents of South Central Connecticut deserve the best, and they’ve made it their mission to supply exceptional ready-mix concrete products that are used in the building of a beautiful community. Their products can be found in some of the area’s most prolific buildings and institutions. After over 100 years of business, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies have watched the community grow, and they’re proud to be a part of both its history and its future.

The Platt and Maloney High Schools will be a positive addition to the Meriden community, and The L. Suzio York Hill Companies are proud to offer their support. If you’re planning a construction project in the area, call The L. Suzio York Hill Companies at (203) 237-8421 to learn how they can help. You can also visit their website to learn more about their ready-mix concrete products.

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