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Patient Comfort is a Top Priority at This Anchorage Family Dentistry Practice March 23, 2016

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Patient Comfort is a Top Priority at This Anchorage Family Dentistry Practice, Anchorage, Alaska

The staff at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, makes patient comfort a priority. If you’ve ever gone to a dentist who seemed more concerned about moving on to the next patient instead of taking the time to address your concerns, you’ll appreciate the personalized service at Family First Dentistry. Whether you need a dental exam, wisdom teeth removal, or dentures, the family dentistry staff will make sure your experience is a pleasant one.

Finding and paying for a parking space can quickly increase your blood pressure, particularly when you’re worried that you might be late to an appointment. At Family First Dentistry, parking is free and abundant. When you walk in the door of the family dentistry practice, the first things you’ll notice are the soothing colors and vibrant paintings and photographs. In fact, the office is designed to promote relaxation.

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After you check in with the friendly receptionist, you’ll sink into one of the cushy chairs in the waiting area to complete or update your patient information. Before long, one of the dental assistants will escort you to a treatment room for your consultation with a dentist. Family First Dentistry treatment rooms are designed to help you feel calm and relaxed. They feature the same soothing wall colors as the waiting area, comfortable dental chairs, and the very latest dental equipment.

If you’re getting crowns, having a root canal, or receiving any other dental treatment, the staff will encourage you to choose a few items from the Comfort Menu. Each menu item has been specially selected to help you feel more comfortable during your procedure. Relax with a blanket and pillow, listen to a few tunes on the headphones, play with a stress ball, or enjoy a warm, moist towel. For a small charge, you can also take advantage of the calming effects of nitrous oxide during treatment, if you prefer.

If you’re looking for an exceptional health care experience, call Family First Dentistry at (907) 562-2820. Visit their website for more information about their family dentistry services in Anchorage, and take a look at their Facebook page to read what other patients have to share about their experiences.

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