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Pruning:Stump Grinding or Removal March 1, 2016

Clackamas, Northwest Clackamas
Pruning:Stump Grinding or Removal, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon

Pruning:Stump Grinding or Removal

Tree and Shrub removal can be a messy business.And, after the trunk and brush is down and hauled away, there is the stump and in come cases, above ground roots to deal with. If you do not plan to do any further gardening or replacement in that spot, the tree stump and be left to decay on its own.Depending on the size and variety of the plant material, this can take anywhere from a few months, to a few years.

There are various ways to deal with tree stumps and roots, depending on how quickly you want the stump to be totally gone. Various commercial products are available to be applied to a stump to accelerate the decay process. However the process remains a long-term course of action.In many urban and suburban areas burning stumps and debris is not allowed, for many safety and ecological reasons. Digging a stump out is a hard, strenuous work. Using a back hoe or excavator is effective, but will destroy most of your landscape.

True Care Inc., along with most Arborists, offer a procedure called “Stump Grinding”. These machines, which vary in size, have a large, high speed disk, with special “teeth” that grind out the stump, and can “chase” roots that are above ground. The stump grinder will destroy stumps and roots to a depth of between 8 to 12 inches beneath the soil line, leaving behind a mulch or sawdust material. When the stump is completely ground out, a large hole and a lot of mulch will remain in the area. The homeowner can then fill the hole, and begin the replanting plan. The mulch can be used to under trees and shrubs, or to line pathways.

If underground utilities are present, a “Locate” will need to be done before hand, to make sure no utilities are disturbed with the grinder.These locate services are free and usually complete in 48 hours.

Call True Care today, for a free estimate on grinding out stumps in your garden.We will usually leave an estimate for stump grinding with every tree or shrub removal estimate we give.

Call the Arborists at True Care Inc. 503-678-5388

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