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Call Lexington's Best Bug Extermination Service to Avoid Ants This Spring March 8, 2016

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Call Lexington's Best Bug Extermination Service to Avoid Ants This Spring, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Ants can get out of control quickly. To ensure ants don’t invade your home this spring, it’s important to act before they multiply to exhausting levels. Luckily, the pest management professionals at Guarantee Pest Control in Lexington, KY, are the bug extermination experts for all your ant control needs.

Once the first ants have entered your home, they leave a trail of their scent for other ants to follow. They may be looking for shelter, food, or water. The best ant control method is to have an expert treat your home using ant baits and insecticides both inside and out before the ants even arrive, or when there are still very few ants. Having a pest management professional treat your home early on ensures that ants die upon entering the afflicted areas. Ants may already be lurking in walls and crevices where you can’t see them, so it also ensures the issue doesn’t exacerbate. Of course, you should also seal off even the tiniest of entryways as another precaution to stave off ants. You should also make sure not to leave food (especially sweets or protein-based food) out, which attracts them.

Bug Extermination

As rain and warmer weather arrive, the ants come marching in. Avoid an unwanted invasion by employing bug extermination practices today. Of course, you may also be worried about cockroaches, wasps, and an array of other pests swarming your home. Whatever your bug extermination needs, the pest management professionals at Guarantee Pest Control have you covered.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live without fear of ants, rodents, and spiders? With the help of Lexington’s best bug extermination service, now you can. They also offer flea and bed bug extermination services, so you can rest easy. Call Guarantee Pest Control today at (859) 254-2076 or visit their website to get the protection you need. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on bug extermination tips and promotional offers.

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