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Louisville Customers Satisfied With Their Local Metal Supplier March 8, 2016

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Louisville Customers Satisfied With Their Local Metal Supplier, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

When it comes to stainless steel metal processing services, American Metal Supply Co. trumps the competition time and time again. Located in Louisville, KY, AMS is the leading steel supplier and distributor in the area. With competitive pricing, superior customer service, and prompt deliveries, customers are consistently satisfied when they choose American Metal Supply Co. for all of their metal needs.

In business since 1986, American Metal Supply Co. has years of experience not only in providing customers with exceptional metal processing, but also with offering a wide range of high-quality metal products such as bar steel, cold finished steel, structural steel, aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets, and more. As a metal distributor and supplier to local businesses, they offer first-rate products and 24/7 service.

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AMS believes in consistently offering superior service and products to meet their customers’ needs, establishing strong customer loyalty. One such customer had this to say about the experience at American Metal Supply Co:

“AMS builds solid relationships with competitive pricing and solid service. They treat me like I am the most important customer.”

This customer loyalty has helped them garner a stellar reputation in the metal processing and supplier industry. They also are committed to providing quality and reliable service at all times. Another satisfied customer had this positive feedback about what AMS offers:

"AMS is one of our best material suppliers. They have a knowledgeable staff, prompt deliveries, and competitive pricing."

To find out what these satisfied customers are talking about, visit American Metal Supply Co. For more information on purchasing from the best metal supplier in Louisville, call (502) 634-4321 or check out their informative website.

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