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Add Character to Your Home With Tips From Orange County’s Interior Design Expert March 3, 2016

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Add Character to Your Home With Tips From Orange County’s Interior Design Expert, Woodbury, New York

Do you feel there's something amiss in your home’s interior design? Take the advice of Margaret Brower Interiors in Central Valley, NY, and accentuate your home’s potential by selecting the right design elements. The company’s owner, Margaret Brower, brings her 27 years of experience to the table to provide personalized home renovation services. Below, she shares a number of useful tips to help you enhance your home’s character successfully:

  • Add A Fireplace: The old-school charm of a fireplace makes it a valuable addition to your home. The warmth and exuberance it brings completely redefines your home’s inherent character. No matter the layout of your rooms, a fireplace acts as a centerpiece in determining the overall decor. Replacing vintage fireplaces with their newer counterparts can also make a world of a difference. These innovative fireplaces are not only classy to look at, but they’re also more convenient and compact than the older designs.

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  • Install Wooden Trims: Ornamental wood detailing and moldings enrich your home’s appearance with their sophistication and timeless beauty. Featuring delicate carvings, they have the unique ability to transform any space into an architectural masterpiece. With a wide range of molding options available, you have the freedom to mix and match them as you like. Use them to create customized borders on your walls or as trims for your doors, windows, and entryways. Orange County’s leading interior design connoisseurs consider them must-haves for homeowners with a penchant for retro decor elements.
  • Choose Exquisite Wood Flooring: Your redesign project won’t be complete without combining your home furnishings and accessories with the right wood flooring. From oak and walnut to bamboo and cherry, wood flooring serves as the perfect backdrop for all types of interior designs. In addition to being durable and easy to maintain, wooden floors exude elegance and finesse in every corner of the house. Highlight their finer details and stunning finish by adding statement rugs that complement the rest of your furnishings as well.

Take advantage of these tips by partnering with Margaret Brower Interiors for redefining your home’s interior design. Their website provides further insights on home renovation from none other than Margaret Brower herself. She and her staff will be happy to offer assistance and consultation anytime you call them at (845) 928-3018.

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