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Three Amazing Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays November 1, 2013

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn
Three Amazing Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays, Brooklyn, New York

What’s the secret to picking the perfect gift for someone? You certainly want to choose something that will be useful but, mostly importantly, you want to pick a present that reflects an individual’s unique principles. For New Yorkers with a friend or family member who strongly believes in living an environmentally friendly lifestyle with a minimal carbon footprint, Engage Green has eco-friendly gifts to make the holidays just a bit merrier. Try these three excellent green gift ideas for the holiday season:

1. Laptop/iPad Case – The perfect gift for the friend in your life who lives a productive green lifestyle on the go! Engage Green’s Laptop/iPad case protects up to 15” screen laptops with its water-resistant, light weight, and environmentally friendly design.

2. Geometric Tote – Green fashionistas from all over New York City simply cannot get over the Geometric Tote, a lovely bag made from recycled woven paper and organic cotton. This tote will not only enhance a wardrobe – it will help benefit the earth as well!

3. Cosmetic Purse – In the world of beauty, there has been quite a buzz about organic make-up, which is good both for one’s skin and the environment. Why not store your organic beauty products in Engage Green’s Cosmetic Purse? This bag comes in 11 different designs, all created from recycled woven paper and organic cotton.

This holiday season, green is in! Do your part for the planet and get your present shopping done at the same time when you buy your gifts from Engage Green, a Brooklyn company famous for its sustainable design and fashionable products.

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