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3 Ways to Make Your Headshot Stand Out From Long Island City's Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography March 1, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
3 Ways to Make Your Headshot Stand Out From Long Island City's Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography, Queens, New York

With an estimated 20,000 actors in New York, it’s more important than ever to make sure your headshot stands out from the rest. Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography & Design, located in Long Island City in Queens, NY, specializes in headshots for actors and models. As a photographer who has been featured in The New York Times, Backstage, and The Village Voice, Isaiah Tanenbaum knows exactly what executives look for in a good photo.

He recommends clients come prepared to take the best headshot with the following tips:

  • headshotDress For Success: Depending on your goal as an actor, the way you dress for your headshot makes all the difference. Dark clothing is ideal for theatrical headshots, while lighter and brighter colors make a more appealing headshot for models and those looking for commercial work. Keep it simple and basic, since fashions and trends often change.
  • Expressions Matter: A good rule of thumb, according to Backstage.c om, is to use the expression that works best for you. The camera picks up on moods and the type of day you’re having, so leave bad ones at the door. Think happy thoughts to put life into your eyes and make you look more approachable. Keep your smiles genuine and don’t overdo them. Besides, it’s better to give a variety of expressions in order to select the best one.
  • Relax: The best way to stand out in a headshot is by being yourself when you pose for a photo. Spend a few minutes beforehand chatting with the photographer to loosen up. Ask him or her to tell you some jokes if you feel tense. Do whatever it takes to relax and stop overthinking your pose. You want your personality to shine through, and that won’t happen if you can’t relax.

Call Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography & Design at (917) 692-5737 to book your photo shoot for a headshot today. You can also view examples and schedule your appointment with the photographer online.

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