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Beyond Graduate School: How Touro College GST Helped to Guide Alumnus Alex Segal Toward Career Success May 31, 2013

NoMad, Manhattan
Beyond Graduate School: How Touro College GST Helped to Guide Alumnus Alex Segal Toward Career Success , Manhattan, New York

It's always rewarding for college faculty members to hear stories of students who have applied the skills and knowledge learned in classes towards successful careers. Touro College Graduate School of Technology alumnus Alex Segal’s recent hiring as a Jr. Software Engineer for Citibank has made both the professors of Touro College GST’s Master of Science in Information Systems and the greater Touro community truly proud.

From the start of his academic career as a student of Touro College’s Computer Science undergraduate program to his current position as a Jr. Software Engineer, Alex Segal has exemplified the values of Touro College’s cutting-edge curriculum. Alex uses his relevant hands-on training to help redefine the technology industry as a whole.

When interviewed by Touro College Graduate School of Technology, Alex Segal had this to say:

  • What is your academic history? What inspired your career path of choice? For undergrad, I went to Touro College as well. I chose the Software Engineering track and was in the programming track for undergrad. I enjoy this type of work. For my masters I chose Database design because it’s an integral part of the technology world and I knew that specializing in this would give me an edge.
  • Why did you choose to study at Touro College GST? I worked for Touro and knew about the program and the faculty. It was clear to me that I would be best prepared for the world by attending this program because the teachers are currently employed in the fields they teach. I would learn what’s current and not what’s in textbooks from 20 years ago. That is what attracted to me to Touro GST.
  • What is your senior thesis project? Can you share any photos from it? My capstone project was on comparing Real-Time Data Warehousing and Off Line Data Warehousing. What that means is this: when you withdraw money from your bank, that information is stored in a database. There are different processes across different databases for how this data is processed. Usually it happens offline and off hours. Today we have lots of data that’s processed and need it available faster. Amazon, for example, allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly because all the data is stored in Real-Time, so the response generated is faster.
  • Which Touro College GST class was the most influential? The most influential class I took was on Data Warehousing. It was very different from what I learned previously. I learned very revolutionary concepts and techniques, ways of analyzing, which helped me become more open minded and helped me become a multi-directional thinker.
  • Who was your favorite professor? It was Dr. Isaac Gabriel who taught me Data Warehousing. He taught everything in a straightforward manner, bringing real life examples of issues he encountered while working on real-world projects. He brought his experience into the classroom; and today he works for Google.
  • What are your future career plans? In the future I would like improve my Software Design and Database Administration skills. At this point I see myself leaning more towards Software Engineering, hopefully one day to manage my own business. While looking for my job, I got a lot of assistance from the Graduate School of Technology Career Services Office, which kept me aware of the available job opportunities. Robert Grosberg, the director of Career Services, spent lots of time assisting me with my resume and cover letter and training me for an interview. I doubt I would have come this far without his assistance.

For Alex Segal, Touro College Graduate School of Technology gave him the tools necessary to carve his own niche in the Information Systems industry. Learn more about the other successful alumni of the graduate school and how you can join their ranks by visiting the website or contacting:

Touro College & University System Graduate School of Technology27 West 23 Street, Room 331, New York, NY

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