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Oconto Falls Well Drilling Experts Share Common Water Quality Issues February 22, 2016

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Oconto Falls Well Drilling Experts Share Common Water Quality Issues, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

If you live in an area that isn't connected to a central sewer system, you require a reliable water well as a source for drinking water. Residential water systems relying on water from a well can save money, and they also provide healthier water, free of the chlorine commonly used to treat public water. One of the downsides of well water is it can be unsafe to drink in certain circumstances due to minerals, or bacteria it may contain. The well drilling experts from Luisier Well Drilling in Oconto Falls, WI, want you to get the most out of your well water.

The experienced well-drilling staff shares three factors to look out for with your residential water system:

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  • Hard Water: Water hardness is caused by an excessive amount of Calcium or Magnesium in your water, and although it can be a little unnerving, it’s not bad for you. However, hard water can be extremely difficult to clean with and can leave a rough residue on your clothes after you wash them. The minerals can also build up in your pipes.
  • Nitrates: Having an excessive amount of nitrate in your drinking water can cause health concerns as your body requires only so much on a daily basis. Increased nitrate levels can be caused by fertilizers, overuse of manure, or a malfunctioning septic system. The only way to be sure how much nitrate is in your residential water supply is by regular well inspection and water testing.

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  • Bacteria/E.coli: Most residential water systems remain an extremely clean source of drinking water, however, some wells can become contaminated with bacteria. Coliform bacteria can enter your well if it's not properly situated, and can be a symptom of a bigger problem. The presence of E.coli bacteria is more serious and indicates your water system has been contaminated by fecal matter. Again, testing your water will be a clear indicator of the bacteria your well contains.

To learn more about the common water quality issues in residential water systems, contact the well drilling and inspection experts from Luisier Well Drilling today at (920) 848-5239. You can also visit them online for an extensive list of services. 

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