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Save Money On Utility Costs With These Tips From North Haven's Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Experts March 1, 2016

North Haven, New Haven County
Save Money On Utility Costs With These Tips From North Haven's Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Experts, North Haven, Connecticut

As we wait out these last few weeks of winter, we still need to keep the heat up, but we don't necessarily have to keep our utility costs high. The heating and air conditioning repair experts at A Sakis Industries have a few ideas on how to save on heating costs. For more than 30 years, they have been helping people throughout the North Haven, CT, area with all of their home improvement, maintenance, and repair needs.

Here are a few of their tried and true tips:

  • Lower Thermostat Temperature: Turning the thermostat down a few degrees while you're out of the house means that your system doesn't have to run as often to keep a higher temperature in the house, thereby saving you money.
  • Properly Functioning HVAC System: Efficient systems are cost-effective. Because A Sakis Industries specializes in heating and air conditioning repair, they will know exactly whether your HVAC system is functioning to the best of its ability.
  • Updated Weatherstripping & Caulking: If the weatherstripping or caulking around your doors and windows has worn out, cold air can slip through.


  • Better Insulation: Poor insulation fails to keep the cold air out or the warm air in.
  • Sturdy Ductwork: It's important to routinely review the condition of the ducts that run through your home. An expert from A Sakis Industries can easily check to ensure that all the fittings are tight and seal any leaks.
  • Upgraded Windows: Newer windows are specifically designed for better temperature control. It's an investment, and if you're looking to upgrade, A Sakis Industries offers expert window installation.

Beyond heating and air conditioning repair, A Sakis Industries offers many different home improvement services, including tiling work and professional painting. Discover more about all their services online, or call them today at (203) 389-6364.

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