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3 Ways Mulching With Tidwell's Tree Service Will Improve the Health of Your Trees February 29, 2016

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3 Ways Mulching With Tidwell's Tree Service Will Improve the Health of Your Trees, Sparta, Georgia

Nothing improves the appearance of a property like healthy, well-maintained trees, and many home-owners see mulch as a further means to improve the appearance of their yards. But mulch is not just a decoration. Arborists like those at Tidwell’s Tree Service in Sparta, Georgia, advise that mulching is important for many other reasons besides appearance, and they're here today to share their top three:

  • mulchingProtection: Many tree roots are shallow, especially newly planted trees, and they need protection from weather extremes. A layer of mulch will insulate those fragile roots from heat and cold and will retain water to keep them moist. It will also reduce the need to water the trees as often.
  • Decreased Compaction: Mulching will improve the soil around the trees by preventing compaction, allowing the roots to embed themselves more deeply. Also, decomposing mulch increases the fertility of the soil, encouraging more rapid growth and improving tree health.
  • Weed & Grass Reduction: Mulch will eliminate most weeds and grass, reducing competition for nutrients and limiting inadvertent damage from mowers and trimmers. Mulching also saves the homeowner extra time and effort spent weeding and trimming.

Whether you need advice on planting and mulching trees or you need your trees trimmed, Tidwell’s Tree Service has been in business for over 30 years and has professionals with the knowledge and experience to help. From tree trimming to tree removal and stump grinding, Tidwell’s will take care of all your needs. They are even available for emergency tree removal and hauling. Visit them online or call (478) 808-7898 or (478) 452-0234 to ensure that you will enjoy your trees for years to come.

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