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4 Benefits of Having Restaurant Insurance From New York’s Sun Ray Corp February 26, 2016

Chinatown, Manhattan
4 Benefits of Having Restaurant Insurance From New York’s Sun Ray Corp, Manhattan, New York

As the owner of a restaurant, you want to be certain to have liability coverage to protect any number of areas in your restaurant that are vulnerable to financial losses. For more than 30 years, the family-owned Sun Ray Corp insurance agency in New York has offered its business clients comprehensive and affordable restaurant insurance.

As a security measure against claims and lawsuits, restaurant insurance offers these important few benefits:

  • Property Protection: Fire, floods, and earthquakes can cause expensive damage to your restaurant and surrounding property. Having the right type of coverage from Sun Ray Corp will give you peace of mind knowing your restaurant is covered in case of natural disasters.
  • Theft: Whether it’s employees or customers stealing cash from registers or confiscating food, utensils, and other valuable items, theft can financially wreck your restaurant’s bottom line. Sun Ray Corp has access to a strong network of highly-rated insurance carriers who offer policies with customized features to cover any kind of theft.

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  • Liquor Liability: Owners can be held responsible for some alcohol-related incidents. This includes if an intoxicated customer is injured in a fight after drinking at your restaurant or if someone is involved in a deadly DUI after leaving the premises. Liquor liability coverage can cover court fees, legal costs, and criminal damages.
  • Worker Injuries: The potential financial losses stemming from employees injured on the job can be astronomical. Sun Ray Corp will help you secure workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical care, wages from lost work time, and disability benefits.

Keep your important financial investment protected at all times by having restaurant insurance from Sun Ray Corp. For a free quote, call New York's Sun Ray Corp today at (212) 732-5280. Visit the website to learn more about their comprehensive business insurance for restaurants and other industries.

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