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Learning the Chinese Language Will Help You Get Into Your Dream College February 19, 2016

NoMad, Manhattan
Learning the Chinese Language Will Help You Get Into Your Dream College, Manhattan, New York

Applying to college is exciting and overwhelming, but these days, it’s not enough to have high test scores and a good grade-point average. One of the ways to go the extra mile to becoming a well-rounded student is to engage in extracurricular language learning lessons.

At Beautiful Mandarin in New York, students learn Mandarin from a professional Chinese language teacher. Here are three reasons why learning to speak Chinese will help students get into college and further their careers:

  • It Makes Them Smarter: Learning a new language is difficult, and the Chinese language is one of the hardest foreign languages to learn—but your efforts will pay off. Researchers at Lund University found that learning another language can actually make the brain grow.
  • Chinese LanguageIt Makes Them Culturally Competent: Learning another language helps students to develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures. Beautiful Mandarin students will not only learn Chinese, but they will also learn more about the history, people, and culture of China.
  • It Makes Them Marketable: With more than 1.39 billion speakers, Chinese ranks as the native language spoken by the most people in the world. Knowing the Chinese language will make students more appealing candidates and will differentiate them from the thousands of other applicants who don’t speak a second language.

At Beautiful Mandarin, students learn how to listen, read, and speak Chinese, which will ultimately make them more successful in other areas of their lives, from their relationships with people from different cultures to their ability to learn new areas of study. 

For more information about the one-on-one lessons and group classes offered at Beautiful Mandarin, visit the website or call (646) 387-9930. Colleges and employers are looking for bilingual students, and with Beautiful Mandarin, learning the Chinese language will be engaging and fun.

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