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4 Signs You Need Septic Tank Treatment From Kentucky’s Prichard Septic Service February 24, 2016

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4 Signs You Need Septic Tank Treatment From Kentucky’s Prichard Septic Service, Grayson, Kentucky

While septic tank treatment may not be so fun to think about, it’s an important task in the regular maintenance of a property. Failure to pay attention to your septic system can have serious and costly consequences. For over 40 years, Prichard Septic Service of Grayson, KY has helped Eastern Kentucky residents with their septic tanks from septic repairing to whole new installation.

septic tank treatment

Since most people are not experts in septic systems, Prichard Septic Service lays out four signs it may be time for a septic tank treatment.

  • Foul Smell: One of the more disturbing signs, a lingering bad smell either in your house or in the yard, is indicative of a septic issue. This so-called a “smell test” should indicate it's time to call the professionals.
  • Toilet Issues: Another sign that’s hard to miss is when your toilets are backed up for no discernible reason. Maybe they’re just running slowly or they keep getting clogged, but either way, a septic tank treatment may be necessary.
  • Septic Tank Wetness: You should regularly look around your septic system and inspect the ground. If there are puddles or areas of earth that seem mushy, your septic system isn’t working properly. In this case, there is likely a problem with how the waste material is moving through the soil.
  • Passage Of Time: It’s a good idea to get your septic system checked once a year. Even if there are no obvious signs of trouble like terrible smells, all kinds of things can go wrong inside the tank that you’ll never be able to see.

Whatever sign of trouble you might detect, rest assured that Grayson’s top septic system experts will fix the problem. To schedule an appointment with Prichard Septic Service, you can reach them at (606) 475-1491. You can learn about the company’s full range of services by visiting their website.

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