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Graduate Students at Touro College Bring Technology to Schools in Need March 16, 2016

NoMad, Manhattan
Graduate Students at Touro College Bring Technology to Schools in Need, Manhattan, New York

Touro College Graduate School of Technology is more than just a New York higher education school for those seeking a career in technology; it’s a community of intelligent forward thinkers that care about changing the world for the better.

Computers are the foundation of instructional technology, but despite their many uses and importance in nearly every workplace, many schools do not have the funding for technology. Kids in schools that don’t have adequate tech funding end up behind their peers, and their lack of computer skills can affect everything from their ability to research for academic projects to their ability to enter STEM-related jobs and programs.

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Dr. Issac Herskowitz, the Dean of Touro College Graduate School of Technology, is always looking for ways to incorporate real-world scenarios into his department's curricula. One popular course he teaches is Foundations of Instructional Technology: Teaching with Computers, which teaches students to be technology advocates for their schools. Teachers have the power to change the face of education and convince their school districts to fund tech programs, or even take matters into their own hands and raise the money themselves.

The students in Dr. Herskowitz’s classes took his words to heart and split into different work groups in an effort to inspire change. From putting out the word on social media to using cutting-edge crowdfunding, the students at Touro College Graduate School of Technology aren’t waiting for graduation day to make a difference. Every single team of students reached their goals and provided laptops, laminatorsrobotics setscoding scenarios, and USB drives, for their classrooms.

Touro College Graduate School of Technology isn’t about hypothetical scenarios; it’s about learning that has an actual impact on the educational landscape. When students feel involved and empowered, like Dr. Herskowitz’s class, they grow into passionate instructors that change the world, one class at a time. 

To find out more about innovative learning and making a difference, check out Touro College Graduate School of Technology online or call them at (877) 669-7227.