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Stock Up on Office Supplies to Keep Your Workplace Healthy February 23, 2016

Metropolitan Hill - Beach Street, Boston
Stock Up on Office Supplies to Keep Your Workplace Healthy, Boston, Massachusetts

It’s the scourge of every office: what starts as an innocuous-seeming cough or sneeze on the part of a co-worker becomes a full-on office outbreak of the cold or flu. You spend 40 or more hours a week in the same space as your team, but the truth is, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Workplace illnesses are more than an inconvenience—they're a big problem. In the U.S. alone, workplace sicknesses cost companies over $576 billion annually. So, how do you prevent them from plaguing your staff? We at Green Castle Business Solutions, an online retailer of green cleaners and eco-friendly office supplies, believe that one way to limit the spread of workplace illnesses is to purchase and employ the right supplies.

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We recommend keeping these office supplies in your arsenal:

  • Hand Sanitizer: Most flus and colds are transmitted through contact with the hands, so hand sanitizers can be a great way to protect your employees. You'll never have to worry about shaking hands, high-fiving, fist-bumping, or any other hand contact you use to greet people.
  • Clorox Wipes: What hand sanitizer does for hands, a clorox wipe does for office equipment. These wipes will rid desk surfaces and cubicle walls of germs, ensuring that sicknesses don’t spread with their special anti-viral and bacterial compounds.
  • Tissues: For the sniffly season, consider purchasing tissues in bulk from us; your employees will appreciate it.
  • Emergen-C®: Chock-full of vitamin C, zinc, and other nutrients, this powdered drink mix helps employees get better faster. It’s a staple in our office!

A healthier office, of course, is a more productive one, so an investment in these products—and any of the other office supplies that we carry—is a worthwhile one. Free of that seasonal cold or flu, you and your team will feel better and be more productive throughout the year. Check out our business, Green Castle Business Solutions, online for a full listing of what we offer, and feel free to call us at (617) 307-4461 today. 

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