Branford, Connecticut

Electrical Service Deal: 10% Off LED Lighting Installation Branford, New Haven County, Connecticut

Valid from February 15, 2016 to December 31, 2016
Electrical Service Deal: 10% Off LED Lighting Installation , Branford, Connecticut

There are plenty of reasons to switch to energy-efficient lighting, but you might be hesitant to upgrade your entire house. Residents of Branford, CT, can save big by hiring NJF Electrical Services, an electrical contractor currently offering 10% off on all LED lighting installation projects

To find out why you should switch to LED, check out these reasons, brought to you by the experienced electricians at NJF Electrical Services: 


  • Energy Efficient: The top benefit of switching to LED lighting is that it will save you money on energy costs. Whether you own commercial or residential property, replacing your lights with these energy-efficient alternatives will cut your electric bill in half and make your building or home more environmentally sustainable.
  • Reliable: When the electricians at NJF Electrical Services install LED lighting in your home or office, you won't have to worry about changing any lightbulbs for quite some time. Most LED lights last for almost 20 years, which put incandescent bulbs to shame. 
  • Affordable: The reason why incandescent lightbulbs are so inexpensive is because companies know that you'll have to replace them more often, so you're not really saving money in the long term. So while you'll have to spend a little extra money upfront for the initial bulbs, they will last far longer than incandescent. 

Ready to make the switch for your office or home? Take advantage of this 10% off deal and begin enjoying the benefits of LED lights. Contact the electricians at NJF Electrical Services by calling (203) 468-0356 and set up an appointment. Visit them online for details.

This deal is no longer available.