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Touro College Grad Lenny Pacheco Talks About Life After Graduate School in NYC April 28, 2014

NoMad, Manhattan
Touro College Grad Lenny Pacheco Talks About Life After Graduate School in NYC, Manhattan, New York

If you’re researching opportunities for continuing education in New York City, you’ll want to do more than read online reviews. Fortunately, Touro College Graduate School of Technology (GST)is able to connect prospective students with successful former ones, to give an inside look into what the Web & Multimedia Design (WMM) program is really like.

Here, recent Touro grad Lenny Pacheco answers a few questions about what life is like at the NYC graduate school, as well as her career today.

Why did you chooseTouroGSTWMMprogram?

At first I chose the program because of the affordable tuition and the curriculum. One of the things which highly disappointment me about my undergraduate studies was the lack of courses in design and the lack of support my department was getting. It wasn't until I requested a one-on-one meeting with Jesse Epstein that I made my final decision. There was just a feeling within me that theTouroGSTWMMProgram would take me in the right path in life and in my career.

What skills did you learn in theWMMprogram?

I learned how to do HTML and CSS coding, mobile app design and coding withXcode, video production using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier, and how to utilize iBooksto create an e-book and 2-D animation using Adobe Flash.

Do you use the skills that you learned in theWMMprogram at your job? Which ones?

I am usually able to apply some of the techniques that I have learned from other classmates with different design work in which I have done. For this job, I mostly use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to edit photography, create text overlay graphics, as well as simple social media graphics for my boss to post on all social platforms.

What was your favorite class? Why?

WMM 610 Interface Design Concepts. This class was partly the main reason why I joined the program and even purchased an iPad. I know that very soon everything will go mobile and knew that designing for mobile apps was something that I was very much interested in but knew very little about. It was a challenge for me, but Professor Irina Berman really kept us interested and made the class very enjoyable.

How did the program improve your confidence/sense of self?

Before attending Touro GST, I had very low self confidence in my skills. I knew that in order to keep up with design today, I had to go back to school. Touro GST allowed me nurture my skills and adapt new ones. I remember entering the program feeling very low of myself in all aspects and finishing the program with the highest confidence I ever had in my life.

In what other ways was attendingTouroGST a growing experience for you?

Never in my life had I experienced such a wide array of love and support from people who have only known me for a short amount of time, but they believed in me and my passion. Many times I wanted to quit school because I felt it was too much, but my classmates would always say to me "Nope! We started this program together and we will finish it together." I am forever grateful for that support.

Would you recommendTouroGSTWMMto a friend/family member? Why?

I would recommendTouroGSTWMMto a friend and actually did recommend it to a former classmate of mine from my undergraduate school!

For a complete list of questions and answers, additional student testimonials, and more information on the diverse programs available from Touro College GST, call (877) 669-7227 or visit the graduate school online.

TouroCollege Graduate School of Technology
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