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Highway Scale 1940s Billboards at Winter Works on Paper November 1, 2013

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Highway Scale 1940s Billboards at Winter Works on Paper, Brooklyn, New York

Winter Works on Paper, a Williamsburg gallery known for having an eclectic collection of vintage photography and prints, now is featuring a striking group of highway-scale billboards from the late 1940s that would inspire any pop artist. Never used (and so in great condition), they measure 9 x 20 feet when assembled and are made up of 40 x 60 inch paper panels. Brilliantly colorful and graphically thrilling, these vintage advertisements could really put a restaurant or lobby on the map.

A glass of Schaefer beer looms 8 feet tall, an elephant holding a can of Gulf motor oil in its trunk stretches 20 feet, a larger-than-life Nash Rambler rolls by with the whole family inside. Due to their scale and graphics, these images have a powerful nostalgic punch. The billboards can be presented whole or cropped into fragments to suit the physical or aesthetic constraints of the site. Either way, these giants will deliver.

Relics of mid-century consumer culture, these billboards are rarely, if ever, offered for sale. There are more than 40 different ones to choose from, so don't hesitate!

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