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Solving the Major Problems of Traditional Commission Based Real Estate Models February 10, 2016

Coon Rapids, Anoka
Solving the Major Problems of Traditional Commission Based Real Estate Models, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Most independent contractors and commissioned based business professionals rarely plan for small disasters or major catastrophes such as: illness, accidents, economic disasters, death or a disability that may affect a major change in lifestyle. Real estate agents are generally too busy finding there next deal and rarely take the time to consider what might happen to their lively-hood when they're forced to stop or slow down.

Imagine rumbling down a freeway on your motorcycle as a high producing real agent with your wife as a passenger and in a split second, she's in a comma for months and you're out of work both physically and mentally for nine and a half months. In a situation like this as an independent contractor, everything stops in your business except for your desk and licensing fees, home ownership obligations other financial commitments. Imagine not knowing when you might be back in business to cover all the accumulating financial obligations. The example described above is a true story. Frank D'Angelo was a high producing independent real estate contractor at the time with one of the major desk fee companies when his life for his entire family changed in a blink of an eye. For months afterward, he knew that he needed to find a better solution knowing very well that one day he may be forced to slow down or even stop actively producing real estate sales. D'Angelo was also very aware of the fact that even though he was associated with the #1 producing real estate company in the nation; he never heard or experienced attending a retirement party for a financially independent real estate agent. He was looking for a better EXIT Strategy.

Fundamentally, the major problem for the majority of independent contractors is this; when it stops; it really stops! For several years, post accident; D'Angeloexplored other real estate models and even helped launch one of the first profit sharing models that arrived to Minnesota in the early 2000's. According to D'Angelo; all of the models he researched and experienced really didn't solve the problems he was trying to solve in his real estate career.

What if there was a better way for real estate agents to earn as much income as they wished from taking listings and making sales and earn an additional income in between those sales? What if there was a way to revolutionize the industry and solve some or most of the problems associated with the industry as they currently are in most traditional models? What if there was a way for real estate agents to earn more than 100 percent? D'Angelo discovered the solution with the EXIT Realty model and immediately began building a better business that created financial independence for his family and for the real estate agents he attracted to the business. He says, finally we actually have a company with a heart versus the traditional companies that are primarily focused on profits and driven by mass numbers of agents recruited to large brick and mortar facilities. D'Angelodiscovered that bigger isn't always better when choosing a real estate model; he discovered that better is better. D'Angelo joined EXIT Realty as a real estate agent. Over the years, he attracted a few agents to the model and eventually built a highly trained team of professionals and then purchased his own EXIT franchisee in Minnesota. D'Angelo says that EXIT provides an amazing solution to the problems outlined above. EXIT's single-level revenue sharing model absolutely blew the multi-level profit sharing model away. He says, "by simply attracting a handful of good agents to our company, literally laid down the foundation to financial independence". The EXIT model is focused on the individual associates. He says, "at EXIT, we believe first in helping the individual grow is more important than growing the company. At EXIT we tool and arm each individual with the necessary tools and training they need to grow personally as well as growing their business. EXIT Realty is not only a game changer for real estate agents; it's a life changer!

EXIT REALTY attracts career minded individuals who are willing to work hard, be trained and are passionate about helping people in their communities. It's designed to build new agent careers as well as incubating small brokers into dynamic teams that one day might branch off into their own EXIT franchises. D'Angelo says, "it's a perfect model for leaders. He says that the new agents coming into the industry truly need a better solution than the typical buyers agent working very hard for someone else and for very little in return. He says that at EXIT, we have a mentoring program that literally turns the inside sales agent position into a career building solution for new agents. We have more training, more benefits and a better reputation throughout the United States and Canada.

• If you are interested in a NEW or BETTER CAREER
• If you are interested in RETURNING TO REAL ESTATE
• If you are interested in CHANGING or BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE!


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EXIT REALTY NEXUS offers a complete business suite of tools, technology and an on-line marketing assistant that will absolutely EXPLODE your visibility, your leads and your career. All with no desk, tech or training fees ever!

You will receive FREE world class training and the mentoring needed to launch a successful career in a dynamic environment. EXIT REALTY NEXUS provides the learning based culture and addresses the fundamental principles building a successful career in real estate. Whether you are new or an established real estate professional, you are going to love the difference EXIT REALTY NEXUS offers. A better path to success can only come from an environment that actually invests in their agents with support, tools, training, coaching and guidance. Furthermore, EXIT REALTY NEXUS provides a superior compensation plan, additional income and benefit opportunities that are unparalleled in the real estate industry today. You owe it to yourself to learn more about EXIT REALTY and the extraordinary real estate success model we have established. Call Frank today at (763) 548-1444.


EXIT REALTY NEXUS treats associates as "partners". THIS IS NOT A PROFIT SHARING PYRAMID SCHEME of any kind! You owe it to yourself to learn more than what can be found online,

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