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Get Rid of Your Bed Bug Infestation With Miami Valley's Eco-Therm February 19, 2016

Newberry, Miami
Get Rid of Your Bed Bug Infestation With Miami Valley's Eco-Therm, Newberry, Ohio

Bed bugs are small, nasty insects that come out at night to feed on human blood. There’s been a surge of infestations in the United States recently, and bed bugs are becoming immune to pesticides. If your home or business is battling a bed bug infestation, you need an eco-friendly, effective solution to these pests. That solution is Eco-Therm.

bed bug infestation

Eco-Therm is a bed bug extermination company that employs a highly effective treatment that works by killing bed bugs with heat. Servicing the Miami Valley area, Eco-Therm employs a safe and quick treatment to rid your home or business of a bed bug infestation. This process only takes one day and kills all bed bugs at any stage of their life cycle, from eggs to adults. By using electric heat as opposed to harmful chemicals, Eco-Therm's bed bug heat treatment is safe for the whole family, even your kids and pets. Since the treatment is so efficient and only takes one day, you can stay in your home or keep your business running!

Eco-Therm’s environmentally safe process works like this: By using specialty equipment, an Eco-Therm exterminator will apply heat to the bed bug infestation area, monitor the air temperature, and move the air. The heating process causes dehydration in bed bugs, which then leads to death. Not only is the treatment eco-friendly, but the equipment is safe and quiet. You won't have to throw away any furniture, bedding/linens, or clothing. Eco-Therm will even set up carpet cleaning afterwards for you if requested.

Don’t deal with a bed bug infestation any longer! Call Eco-Therm today at (937) 564-9216 or visit their website for more information.

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