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Monroe, NY's Top Cosmetic Dentists Explain the Link Between Gum Disease & Heart Health February 18, 2016

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Monroe, NY's Top Cosmetic Dentists Explain the Link Between Gum Disease & Heart Health , Monroe, New York

Because of the growing research that suggests a link between gum disease and heart health, the dental implant and root canal specialists at Hudson Valley Dental Care want you to make sure you’re not only getting the best dental treatment available, but that you're aware of researchers' findings and understand what they mean. 

So what is exactly is the connection between periodontal health and heart disease? Since your gums are full of blood vessels, any bacteria that accumulates in them could potentially spread throughout your cardiovascular system. This in turn may cause the arteries to swell and obstruct the blood flow. Evidence also suggests that the more bacteria is in your gums, the thicker your carotid artery will be. Such research is concerning because this is the exact artery that supplies blood to the brain, meaning gum disease could actually increase your likelihood of having a stroke.

Due to this link between oral health and heart health, it’s crucial that you brush and floss regularly and visit your dentist at least two times annually. Because Hudson Valley Dental Care can perform everything from routine cleanings to tooth replacements and root canals, they can help you maintain a healthy mouth while improving your overall smile.

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At Hudson Valley Dental Care, you can also receive more preventative dental care, such as whitening and dental bonding, so problems don’t accumulate over time and make it more difficult for you to counteract the effects of periodontal disease.

Learn more about root canals and dental implants for healthier gums today by calling the general and cosmetic dentists at Hudson Valley Dental Care in Monroe, NY at (845) 783-8326. You can also visit them online

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