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Break the Ice on Date Night with Tickets to Fuerza Bruta Off Broadway Production November 1, 2013

Flatiron District, Manhattan
Break the Ice on Date Night with Tickets to Fuerza Bruta Off Broadway Production, Manhattan, New York

With its circumscribed rituals of who buys dinner for whom and when to call, first dates are – in a word – awkward. Getting to know someone on a first date is full of shyness and leading questions, often feeling more like a job interview than a romantic occasion. The best way to break the ice is to enjoy a mutually fun activity that gets both parties out of a stiff restaurant setting and onto their feet, dancing and cheering!

Fuerza Bruta, one of the most popular off broadway shows provides a visually stunning and interactive experience that captivates audience members. Originally presented in South America, Europe and Miami, this mind-bending performance has been taking New York by storm with its entrancing colors and displays.

The typical viewer experience is completely dashed as audience members are encouraged to move and participate. Relax and enjoy as you gaze upon performers dancing and twirling in a shimmering watery world above your head. Ethereal tunes mix with club beats to create a surreal experience that all audiences will enjoy.

Fuerza Bruta is performed from Wednesday through Sunday each week, making it the perfect event for an end-of-the-week date night. Share an evening of otherworldly sights and sounds with your date and learn more about one another than a stuffy dinner could ever reveal. For more information about prices and dates, visit the website and purchase two tickets to the top dance performance in town.

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