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The Immigration Attorneys at Berd & Klauss PLLC Explain How to Obtain a V Visa March 25, 2014

Financial District, Manhattan
The Immigration Attorneys at Berd & Klauss PLLC Explain How to Obtain a V Visa, Manhattan, New York

The Legal Immigration Family Equity Act put V Visas in place in order to address the backlogs on the availability of visas for families. This visa allows the spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents to enter the United States and be granted work authorization, provided they have been waiting more than three years for a green card. Prior to the implementation of V Visas, there was no way for these individuals to legally enter the United States, even if it were for a short visit.

Located in New York City, the immigration law firm of Berd & Klauss PLLC helps bring families together by walking them through the process of obtaining V Visas. If the spouses or children seek to obtain a V Visa, there are two requirements that must be met:

  • The sponsoring permanent resident must have filed a petition I-130 for the spouse or child on or prior to December 21, 2000.
  • The petition must have been pending with the USCIS for three or more years. If the petition has been approved, the spouse or minor child must have been waiting at least three years for the immigration quota.

The V Visa also helps those who are currently in the United States. If the three year requirement is satisfied, one who is currently in the United States can apply to switch to the V status. If the petition or adjustment of status is denied, the immigrant will lose his or her status, and must either leave the United States or change to another status within 30 days of the denial.

Due to the backlog of available visas, having your family immigrate to the United States with you can be more difficult than it sounds. Obtaining a V Visa will certainly bring your family together. The dedicated immigration lawyers at Berd & Klauss PLLC have extensive experience handling situations regarding V Visas. Visit the immigration law firm online for more information.

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