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Situations When You'll Need an Immigration Lawyer February 22, 2016

Downtown Honolulu, Honolulu
Situations When You'll Need an Immigration Lawyer, Honolulu, Hawaii

Immigration law is a complex legal arena that involves all key aspects of immigration and related issues. An immigration lawyer can help clients in a variety of situations, from obtaining a green card and applying for a visa to certifying employment and representing deportation cases. The Law Office of Carmen DiAmore-Siah in Honolulu has been a respected immigration lawyer in Hawaii for more than 20 years. 

Here, Attorney DiAmore-Siah discusses several scenarios in which an immigration lawyer can help:

  • Unsure Of Your Eligibility: If you aren't sure if your situation makes you eligible to apply for a green card, let an immigration lawyer help you. At the Law Office of Carmen DiAmore-Siah, you can be confident that Attorney DiAmore-Siah will look at your case from every legal angle and find the solutions that are most appropriate for you.
  • Being Deported: As soon as you've been notified that deportation proceedings have been enacted against you, contact an immigration lawyer. You are in a serious legal situation that requires the counsel of someone who understands immigration law and how to best make it work for you. Attorney DiAmore-Siah provides legal counsel to both criminal and noncriminal cases, overstays, and those who have sought asylum and will defend your right to live and work in the U.S. 
  • Your Immigration Application Has Been Denied: Has your application for immigration been rejected? Don't lose hope just yet. The Law Office of Carmen DiAmore-Siah will work with you to find other legal options that you may not have considered.
  • Need Family-Based Or Employment-Based Immigration Processing: Both scenarios involve a wealth of paperwork to complete, along with many restrictions to be aware of. An immigration lawyer can help with petitions, adjustments, naturalization, fraud cases and more for those in need of family-based processing. Immigrants seeking employment can receive help with work permits, both temporary and permanent, as well as those who are self-petitioned. 
  • Seeking Asylum: Asylum seekers will benefit greatly from the guidance of an immigration lawyer. In many cases, asylum seekers are requesting benefits that normally would not be given to someone in their position. Your attorney will mount a case that supports your reasons for needing immigration benefits.

Additional specialities of the immigration law firm include nonimmigrant visa processing (required for temporary travelers), E-2 treaty investors (allows a national of a treaty country to be admitted to the U.S.), and special immigrant cases involving religious workers, juveniles, orphans, trafficking victims, victims of a crime, and abused spouses and children. 

Call the Law Office of Carmen DiAmore-Siah at (808) 531-2277 to schedule a free initial consultation with an immigration lawyer in Honolulu. You can also visit the firm online to learn more about Attorney DiAmore-Siah's services and experience. Translators are available for clients who speak Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Spanish, and other languages.

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