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Cincinnati's Best Animal Hospital Encourages Yearly Pet Wellness Exams February 16, 2016

Springfield, Hamilton
Cincinnati's Best Animal Hospital Encourages Yearly Pet Wellness Exams, Springfield, Ohio

The veterinarians at TLC Pet Care Centers have been caring for Cincinnati pets for over 30 years. They know that how much you love your furry companions and want them to live a long, happy life. That’s why they suggest bringing in your beloved pets for annual exams. A pet wellness exam is vital to maintaining your animal's health and preventing costly problems. When diagnosed and treated early, many potentially serious illnesses can be avoided.

What do the expert veterinarians at TLC Pet Care Centers look for during a wellness exam? During a routine wellness check, you can expect the veterinarian to check your pet's teeth, ears, abdomen, and much more. Did you know bad breath can be an indication of tartar, inflammation, or infection that could lead to tooth loss? If Fido isn't responding like normal to your calls or is uninterested in his treats, his hearing could be affected due to an undiagnosed illness or infection. 

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If Kitty doesn't seem like herself, such as not eating or drinking like normal, this could indicate abdominal issues. A caring veterinarian will feel for tumors, enlarged organs, or any other signs of pain. 

For the best animal care in Cincinnati, see the caring and professional veterinarians at TLC Pet Car Centers. They specialize in comprehensive vet services, including up-to-date vaccinations for your dog or cat, nutritional advice, and quality protection from parasites such as ticks, fleas, and worms. Pet boarding, microchipping, dentistry, and weight loss care are also offered at reasonable prices.

To ensure the ongoing health of your pet, visit TLC Pet Care Centers of Cincinnati. View the website to see a full list of services, or call (513) 683-2300 for the East location and (513) 825-4011 for the West location to schedule an appointment.

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