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Embrace Dental Health Month At Port Orchard’s Best Pet Hospital February 13, 2016

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Embrace Dental Health Month At Port Orchard’s Best Pet Hospital, Port Orchard, Washington

February is dental health month, the veterinary staff at Woodside Animal Hospital are encouraging all their pet owners to focus on the oral health of their furry friends. Since opening for business over 30 years ago, this pet hospital has been keeping dogs, cats, and other household pets in Port Orchard, Washington, healthy and happy. 

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Dental health is a crucial part of your pet’s overall health and quality of life, as dental issues can lead to other serious health problems. In your pet's annual checkup, the vet will inspect their teeth and gums in order to catch any possible problems early on. Since February is dental health month, now is the perfect time to get this appointment out of the way!

During an oral exam, the vet will inspect your cat or dog’s teeth and gums. A cleaning should also be scheduled to keep their teeth healthy. While an annual exam should be sufficient to catch dental issues in their initial stages, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your vet if you notice your pet has broken or loose teeth, extremely bad breath, bleeding in their mouth, or if they refuse to eat. And, as always, brush your pet’s teeth at home as often as possible to keep their teeth healthy and to prevent gum disease.

If you live in the Port Orchard, Washington, area and you’re looking for a caring pet hospital that focuses on both dog health and cat health, call Woodside Animal Hospital today at (360) 871-3335 to schedule an appointment for your pet. To find out more about their services and hospital policies, be sure to check out their website.

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