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Get the Most Effective Bedbug Control Treatment From Bridges Termite & Pest Control February 15, 2016

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Get the Most Effective Bedbug Control Treatment From Bridges Termite & Pest Control, Perry, Georgia

Nothing is quite as tenacious, bothersome, or common a pest as bedbugs. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or the country, if it’s winter or summer, they can be an issue. Luckily, if you’re in the Perry, GA, area you can call on Bridges Termite & Pest Control year-round for all of your bug control needs. Besides eliminating bedbugs, they specialize in termites, rat extermination, ant extermination, and more.

If you are having issues with bedbugs or have had them in the past, it’s hard to find a better expert than Bridges Termite & Pest Control. They are quick, damage-free, and eco-friendly. Here is a rundown of their effective bedbug treatment process:

  • bug controlConfirm: First, they’ll visit your home to confirm the presence of bedbugs. There are signs, aside from seeing the bugs, like larvae, dead bugs, and skin bites.
  • Treat: They will determine the best course of action based on the severity of your case, whether that be a chemical or heat treatment. Always, they have the utmost respect for your home and belongings.
  • Check-In: After treatment, Bridges technicians will check in on their work to be sure that the problem has been completely eradicated and will not return.

To underscore not only how effective their services are, but also how important customer service is to this company, they have been in business since 1979. It’s hard to have such an excellent and long track record without complete devotion to quality and customer satisfaction.

Bridges Termite & Pest Control is so dedicated to their community that they provide generous military and senior discounts. To learn more about those discounts and their services or to make an appointment, call (478) 987-1955 today.