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Can You Work While Receiving Social Security Disability? A Dothan Law Firm Explains February 12, 2016

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Can You Work While Receiving Social Security Disability? A Dothan Law Firm Explains, Dothan, Alabama

Social Security disability insurance exists to help relieve the financial burden of a disabling injury, which means you're generally unable to work while receiving benefits. This policy is based on the simple idea that anyone who is well enough to work doesn't require SSDI benefits to maintain a reasonable standard of living. However, according to the attorneys at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, there are a few exceptional circumstances in which you are able to work without losing your benefits.

Disabled people who are receiving Social Security disability insurance are not allowed to participate in substantial gainful activity (SGA), which is defined as work earning more than $1,130 per month in 2016, or $1,820 if you're blind. Generally, any amount of work earning less than that is considered a trial month, a period in which you can earn some money without losing any of your benefit payments.

social security disability

A trial month is a provision that allows you to test your ability to work without threatening the benefit payments you rely on. In this trial period, which can last up to nine months, you may earn up to $810 per month. If you decide you can return to work, the Social Security disability insurance allows a grace period of five years in which you can restart your benefits if you're unable to continue working due to your medical condition.

For over 15 years, The Gil Law Firm in Dothan has provided high-quality legal representation in a wide variety of practice areas, from personal injury to Social Security disability insurance cases. If you need help navigating the overwhelming and complex process of claiming your benefits, visit their website or call (334) 673-0100 to schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.

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