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Loveland’s Top Car Maintenance Experts: How to Keep Your Vehicle Running Safely This Winter February 12, 2016

Loveland, Hamilton
Loveland’s Top Car Maintenance Experts: How to Keep Your Vehicle Running Safely This Winter, Loveland, Ohio

The frigid temperatures and icy roads that accompany winter in the Greater Cincinnati area can result in considerable wear and tear to your car or truck. Regular car maintenance and winterizing can make a big difference in how your vehicle handles the cold and can even increase its overall lifespan. Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service, the most trusted automotive repair service in Loveland, OH, offers to the following tips to help you keep your vehicle running safely this winter:

  • Install Winter Tires: Winter tires have improved in the last several years; they are no longer loud and knobby. New tread styles and materials help them run more quietly while improving traction considerably. This keeps you safer on your daily commute.
  • Check & Replace Battery: Freezing weather wreaks havoc on car batteries. The last thing you want on the coldest day of the year is to hear — nothing when you crank your key. Have a certified auto repair shop check your battery’s charge; if it is low, consider replacing it.

  • Rinse Your Underbody: Salt and snow can corrode the underbody of your vehicle and make it unsafe to drive. Rinse the salt and grime off regularly to increase your vehicle’s lifespan.
  • Create Emergency Kit: Assemble an emergency kit in case you become stranded or suffer a collision. Include jumper cables, matches, road salt, a shovel, a candle, road flares, blankets, an emergency whistle, and a flashlight.
  • Check Tire Pressure: This is one of the simplest safeguards you can take. Properly inflated tires give you better traction and keep you safer on the road.

Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service, the premier certified auto repair shop in Loveland, OH, has 30 years of experience providing car maintenance and automotive repair services in and around Greater Cincinnati. Their ASE certified mechanics have the training and expertise to keep your vehicle running like new for less. Visit them online, or call (513) 683-7852 to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable representative.

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