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Leading Provider of Material Supply for Connecticut Construction Offers Concrete Ordering Tips May 4, 2016

Meriden, New Haven County
Leading Provider of Material Supply for Connecticut Construction Offers Concrete Ordering Tips, Meriden, Connecticut

When preparing for a construction job, it can be difficult to estimate how much you need when it comes to materials. Buy too much and you’re out cash and saddled with product you don’t need. On the other hand, if you buy too little and have to stop your project and wait for supplies to arrive — well, it can seem like a no-win situation.


The L. Suzio York Hill Companies in Meriden, CT, has been offering material supply for Connecticut construction since 1908. As a company that started supplying concrete in the 1930s and asphalt in the 1950s, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies has established a reputation for providing the highest-quality materials tailored for the specific job at hand.

When it comes to estimating how much concrete you might need for a job, The L. Suzio York Hill Companies have some tips to make ordering easier:

  • Measure Square Footage By Multiplying Length By Width For Square & Rectangular Areas.
  • Break Down Irregular Shapes Into Square Sections & Then Estimate The Remaining Irregular Areas By Finding The Halfway PoinT & Averaging Both Halves.
  • Overlay Materials Have Their Coverage Area Determined By Thickness. Use The Technical Data Sheet Information To Divide The Overall Square Footage By Surface Area Coverage Per Bag Of Concrete To Find How Many Bags You Need Overall.
  • Add In An Additional 10%-15% Of Your Order To Factor In For Spillage, Wasted Material, Or Other Material Use Not Originally Anticipated.

The L. Suzio York Hill Companies offers product lines including pervious concrete, self-consolidating concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, flowable fill, crushed trap rock, asphalt (bituminous concrete), and ready-mix concrete.

For more information on The L. Suzio York Hill Companies products or delivery services, call (203) 237-8421 or visit them online.

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