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Top Cincinnati Realtor Lists 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House February 10, 2016

Mack North, Green
 Top Cincinnati Realtor Lists 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House , Green, Ohio

When selling a house, execution is key, and a sale that's strategically managed can generate a satisfying return on your real estate investment. To maximize your return on selling a house, you'll need to avoid certain pitfalls. Sue Kramer of Sibcy Cline, a Cincinnati realtor, recommends steering clear of these common mistakes:

  • Selling A House On Your Own: Professional representation is worth its weight in gold when selling a house. Homes without representation tend to languish on the market and will typically sell at lower prices than those managed by a realtor.
  • Overpricing Or Underpricing: Pricing errors can sabotage your real estate deal and take money out of your pocket. Familiarize yourself with real estate for sale that's comparable to your home to give you the best idea of what your home's price should be.
  • Overlooking Key Repairs: A home that has an obvious need for repair work will sell for less on the market. Handle all repairs before your open house so that buyers can see your property in the best possible light.


  • Neglecting To De-Clutter Before Listing: A messy home with lots of clutter is likely to turn off potential buyers. Take the time to clean and clear each room with an eye to creating a sense of spaciousness. This could net you a huge payoff when it's time to sell.

Serving the Cincinnati area, Sue Kramer of Sibcy Cline is a realtor with the insight and knowledge to provide the guidance you need when selling a house. The real estate market is fluid and ever-changing, and Sue studies market conditions on a daily basis to ensure that she's giving her clients the best and most current information. She can help you avoid common mistakes and put you on a path that leads to a successful sale. Connect with Sue by calling (513) 305-3618, or visit Sue Kramer of Sibcy Cline online

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